Graphic Design and reproductions via Laser Engraving Services

I am thrilled to offer our valued customers high-quality graphic design services, coupled with the precision and durability of laser engraving. Dedicated to delivering the perfect balance of creativity and functionality to your design project. Whether you’re looking to enhance the visual impact of your business logo or create a truly one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one, our graphic design and laser engraving services are the perfect solution. Our advanced equipment and extensive knowledge will ensure that your project is completed to the highest standard and with utmost attention to detail. Let us help you create something truly special that will leave a lasting impression!

Welcome to The Alaskan Woods

My shop is dedicated to showcasing the beauty and wonder of Alaska through the medium of art. I work to create pieces that are not only unique to our locality but also infused with my own style. I strive to bring the raw power of Alaska’s natural landscapes alive through our artwork and give our customers a true taste of the stunning scenery that surrounds us on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for an awe-inspiring painting of a soaring eagle or a beautifully engraved glass featuring a majestic bear, I have something to satisfy everyone’s spirit. My passion for art and commitment to our community are evident in everything I do, and I invite you to come and experience it for yourself!


"Graffiti Styling."

I can help you try out a cool combination of Alaskan-themed items and modern graffiti styles. The colors black and white are always a good choice because they make things look simple, classy, and timeless. By bringing together rustic Alaskan items and the edgy look of graffiti, you can create a really interesting and eye-catching style.

"Branch out."

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own journey or simply appreciate the beauty of these incredible images, there is something truly special about the combination of powerful female imagery combined with Alaskan elements. So take a moment to immerse yourself in the beauty and strength of these incredible silhouettes, and feel the power of those who are truly in their element.


We can make your work descriptions look great. I can give you advice and feedback to help your project. You can also see what your project will look like with mockups. I'm happy to help with personal or business projects and our consultations are top-notch. Contact me now to learn more about our services.

Laser engraving

I offer top-quality metal marking and laser engraving services for art reproduction. I can achieve precision on any metal surface. From intricate designs to simple logos, I can handle it all. I take pride in preserving the integrity of all artwork and prioritize customer satisfaction. Contact me today for more information on how we can help with your metal marking and engraving needs.

What Makes Us Different?

Environmentally friendly

Modern equipment helps keep costs low and production quick.

Affordable rates

Negotiable rates for all projects. Each item is individually assessed.

Quality & experienced

I will put my work against any others to display the quality

customer satisfaction

I strive for the absolute best product. It is always better when dealing with a local.

No Job Is Too Small

Each project is assessed individually, from a pocket knife to a gold pan. Memorials, or gifts, anything can be done.

What My Clients Say

"It's truly amazing to have someone who is willing to put their time and effort into making something unique and special just for you. When he showed me my personalized project, I was simply blown away by his creativity and attention to detail. Knowing that he had taken the extra steps to create something tailored specifically to me made me feel incredibly appreciated and valued. It's rare to find individuals who are willing to go above and beyond, but he truly exceeded my expectations with his dedication to making something truly exceptional. I will always cherish this personalized memorial and it will serve as a reminder of his thoughtfulness and the special bond represented by my request."
Emily smith
"From the smallest details of the old photograph, everything was captured so precisely and feels so authentic. It was truly a gift that he had given me - a treasured memory that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am deeply grateful."
Bryan Simons
"It's amazing how something so simple, like a paw print on a tag, can hold so much meaning and serve as a comforting reminder of your pet's presence. This is truly a special keepsake that you will cherish for years to come and will always be a reminder of my missing companion."
Brittani Jones

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